Energy Efficiency Programs

Our ongoing commitment to customers includes offering ways to help save you money.  Learn more about the RNGe Energy Efficiency Programs offer tips, tricks and materials that could help you start saving money today!  Start by viewing simple money saving tips HERE.

At RNG we take pride in having the responsibility of providing customers with safe, reliable and efficient clean energy at affordable prices 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  As a commitment to our customers and the region, RNG is building on a history of enhancing service to include a new energy efficiency program that will help reduce natural gas usage and potentially lower customer bills.

RNG has addressed this challenge in an effort to prepare for the New Mexico PRC ruling which includes a new line item charge “Energy Efficiency Program” for RNG customers.  The charge will add an additional $00.00620/ccf per month for the average residential customer.

The RNGe Program (Raton Natural Gas Efficiency Program) will offer a number of benefits and educational resources that will help customers reduce usage save on Natural Gas bills and gain access to energy efficiency strategies and information.

2024 Energy Efficiency Programs

Low Flow Shower Head Program

Reduce usage with the RNGe, free Low Flow Shower Head Package. Call for more details. Click below to begin.

Space Heating Rebate Program

Call our office for more details.  Application available for download below.

Water Heating Rebate Program

Call our office for more details. Application available for download below.